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Scientific Research


Scientific Research

1. The Institute is considered a pioneer in research of immunological changes accompanying the processes of dying and revival. Prior to such research such terms as "Immunology of Critical Conditions" or “Immunology of Terminal Conditions” did not even exist.

2. The problems associated with practicing critical care medicine in conditions of limited resources constitute another research area of the Institute. This direction of research being launched by the Institute has a practical significance for critical care services during wars, other disasters and calamities when deficit of resources is mostly manifested as well as for service providers in developing countries.

3. The third trend of the scientific research covers study of phenomenon of sub-consciousness and identification of the ways of its management.

4. The forth trend of the scientific research is connected with nanotechnologies. In this area the Institute is in close cooperation with the US pharmaceutics company "Bio-Nova"(New York).This cycle of the works covers testing of new generation of the oxidants and immunomodulation tools in the critical conditions.

5. 4 candidate dissertations were prepared and defended at the Institute. Since 2006 two physicians are working on the PHD dissertation.

6. The Institute is publishing a scientific Journal "Critical Care and Catastrophe Medicine". The Journal is disseminated in various countries of the worlds. The members of the editorial board are the leading specialists in this field in the USA, Europe and Asia.

7. In 1998-2006 the Institute has published two monographs including one in English and 52 scientific works including 45 on international level.

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