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Tbilisi’s Sixth International Symposium

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Tbilisi’s Sixth International Symposium (2014 year)

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Conceptual considerations instead of introduction / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze
The universe foundation for the creation and stability of which are the critical conditions / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)
Remote Control Systems for Critical Care Medicine - Reality and perspectives / Zv.Kheladze, Z.Kheladze, I.Strelnikov, Z.Nasri (Tbilisi, Georgia. Damascus, Syria)
Use of Plasma Rays at Purulent – Septic Complications in Critical Care Medicine/ B.Tsutskiridze, S.Jaiani, N.Kvitsiani, D.Chakhunashvili, G.Chakhunashvili G.Tsutskiridze (Tbilisi, Georgia. Sankt-Petersburg, Russia)
New opportunities for correction of water and electrolyte homeostasis disorders in Critical Conditions / O.A.Galushko (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Bone marrow electro stimulation shall become a standard treatment for patients having critical conditions / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, E.Kartsivadze, N.Kajaia (Tbilisi, Georgia)
Memory and Intellect Assessment in Critical Patients / Z.Kheladze, G.Chkhartishvili, E.Bibiluri, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)
Dopamine Change Study in Critical Patients / N.Barnabishvili, E.Ivanidze, Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze(Tbilisi, Georgia. Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
Analysis of critical pneumonia multicenter studies under the auspices of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine conducted in Critical Medicine Institute of Georgia / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, N.Ramishvili, T.Qurcikidze (Tbilisi, Georgia. Brussels, Belgium)
Life Science Nano-technological approach in pathogenesis of post-aggressive reactions of human organism and critical conditions / M. M. Danielov (New -York, USA)
Study of personality characteristics in critical patients / N.Ramishvili, N.Taboridze, S.Makharashvili, T.Kajaia, Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, T.K.Kaavanger, S.Shivananda (Tbilisi, Georgia. Vinzdor, Ontario, Canada. Bangalore, India)
Calcium homeostasis in diabetic patients with critical conditions / A.Kistauri, M.Jibladze, AN.Kistauri, D.Gabunia (Tbilisi, Georgia. Lund, Sweden)
Surgical treatment of “diabetic foot” in elder age critical patients / S.Didia, A.Kistauri, S.Jaiani, R.Eliger, J.Petashvili, L.Ajamova (Tbilisi, Georgia. Jerusalem, Israel)
Treatment of post-critical depression / I.Dimitrovskaya, N.Kadjaia, Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Moscow, Russia. Tbilisi, Georgia)
Peculiarities of Surgical treatment of intracerebral hemorrhage / T.Kerdzevadze, G.Gegia, Q.Kerdzevadze, T.Abramov, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia. Moscow, Russia)
EEG Changes in Critical Patients / M.Khaburzania, Zv.Kheladze, N.Kajaia, D.Kazaishvili (Tbilisi, Georgia)
Influence of music on EEG of Critical Patients / N.Niqabadze, Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, D.Kalandia(Tbilisi, Georgia)
Brain electrical activity manifestation in orthodox Christian patients during praying / M.Metreveli, Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)
Hyperfibrinogenemia and its role during inflammation / N.Muradashvili, T.Jariashvili, S.C.Tyagi, D.Lominadze (Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Tbilisi, Georgia)
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