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Tbilisi’s Third International Symposium

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Tbilisi’s Third International Symposium (2011 year)

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Co-chair speech: “The scientific basis of the system of disaster liquidation will be - “New NATO” the theory of Georgian Critical Care Medicine Institute "Medicine with limited resources.” / Z.Khelazdze, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“NY- New meters for critical care medicine.” / V.Kvetan (New-York, USA)

“The Georgia is the first to presents experimental samples of devise for progenitor precursor committing named as “Georiga-1” / Zv.Kheladze, Z.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“Management of blunt chest trauma.” / Y.Khater (Cairo, Egypt)

“However the death process is pleasant and the death itself is various but the main secret is the image of “Death code” / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“The immune answer of the stuff of critical care medicine does not differ significantly from the immune answer of patients, whom they treat.” / N.Kajaia, Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, N.Barnabishvili, E.Ivanidze, T.Kajaia, L.Urushadze, E.Davitashvili (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“Procalcitonin and C-reactive protein in SIRS and sepsis.” / Ch.Mitaka (Tokio, Japan)

“Georgian Critical Care Medicine Institute created the new management system for critical medicine.” / Zv.Kheladze, Z.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“Heart failure.” / K.Hebert (Florida Miami-beach, USA)

“Diagnostic value of C-reactive protein, procalcitonin, IL6 and IL8 during critical condition.” / N.Barnabishvili, Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, E.Ivanidze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“Vasoactive drugs for vasodilatatory shock.” / A.Muhamed Mukhar (Cairo, Egypt)

Nanotechnological Platform for development of Products Oriented Toward Enhancment of Self-Heaing Processes / M.Danielov, I.Sepper (New-York, USA)

“Readiness of hospital sector at state of emergency.” / Z.Utiashvili, M.Dvalidze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

"The methods of management of subconscious for critical patients." / T.Khurtsikidze, Z.Kheladze (Brussels, Belgium -Tbilisi, Georgia)

“Analysis of factors that effect on critical stroke outcome.” / E.Kartsivadze, Z.Kheladze, N.Ninua, Zv.Kheladze, N.Kajaia. (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“Peculiarities of EEG changes in critical situations.“ / M.Khaburzania, Z.Kheladze, N.Ninua, Zv.Kheladze, M.Beridze, N.Kajaia (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“Critical patients operation treatment problems during intracerebral hematoma.” / T.Kerdzevadze, G.Gegia, Z.Tvauri, Zv.Kheladze, K,Kerdzevadze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

”Organization of the medical support to massive groups in hospital under conditions of active battle.” / G.Gvasalia, N.Jokhadze, G.Kintsurashvili (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“The specificities of transportation of critical patients in intra hospital space.” / M.Dvalidze, D.Dvalidze, Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, I.Strelnikov, Za.Kheladze. (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“Acute coronary syndrome during the antiphospholipid syndrome.” / N.Katamadze, A.Kistauri, M.Jibladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“Intellectual property objects and their protection in Georgia.” / Zv.Matiashvili (Tbilisi,Georgia)

“The specificities of protection patents of medical objects.” / D.Iobashvili (Tbilisi,Georgia)

“Analyses of post operation early infectious complications in Georgian Critical Care Medicine Institute.” / B.Iremashvili, Z.Kheladze, G.Gvasalia, Zv.Kheladze, B.Kvinikhidze, S.Didia, R.Aglemashvili, L.Kajaia, Sh.Shioshvili, T.Samkharadze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“Specificities of changes of interleukins in the blood, bone marrow and liquor of critical patients.” / N.Barnabishvili, Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, N.Kajaia, E.Ivanidze, M.Tkemaladze, T.Mazmishvili (Tbilisi, Georgia)

”About validity of early application of kallikrein-kinin system inhibitors in ischemised myocardium.” / A.Kistauri, A.Korotkov, M.Jibladze, An.Kistauri-Cervantes, A.Korotkova, N.Katamadze (Tbilisi, Georgia, - Copenhagen, Denmark, Moscow, Russia)

“The perfection of pre-hospital anesthetic methodology in conditions of catastrophes.” / S.Kajaia, Kh.Khavtasi (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“First results of treatment with anti-endorphin medicine in critical care medicine.” / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“The modern method of resection of the left share of the liver.” / M.Soreli, I.Chanukvadze, A.Valeanu, D.Zippel, R.Shapiro, M.Papa, M.Koberidze. (Tel Aviv, Israel –Tbilisi, Georgia)

“The specificities of immune cells and humoral factors in bone marrow of patients in critical condition.” / Zv.Kheladze, Z.Kheladze, N.Barnabishvili, A.Falavandishvili (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“Features of medical treatment of famous individuals at the critical medicine clinic.” / Z.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“How cosmos factors effects on treatment of critical patients.” / N.Ramishvili, Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, N.Kajaia (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“The development of optimal systems of treatment for surgical infection.” / S.Jaiani, O.Kutidze, B.Tsutskiridze, T.Jorjoladze, D.Chakhunashvili, G.Chakhunashvili. (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“Results of treatment of post-reanimation disease in critical care medicine clinic.” / K.Mumladze, Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, M.Archvadze, N.Kajaia (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“Critical care medicine achievements in elderly age patients.” / Ts.Kharaishvili, Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, N.Kajaia (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“A new generation antioxidants for critical care medicine.” / V.Sepper, Zv.Kheladze, (New-York, USA-Tbilisi, Georgia)

“The Specificities of the changes of brain blood flow indicators in critical condition.” / V.Tkemaladze, Z.Kheladze, N.Ninua, Zv.Kheladze, N.Kajaia (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“The specificities of changes of progenitor and immune competent cells at processing bone marrow by epinephrine and electricalimpulses.” / Zv.Kheladze, Z.Kheladze, N.Gogebashvili, N.Barnabishvili, M.Tkemaladze, T.Mazmishvili (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“Immune Response of Organism and Spontaneous Apoptosis of Lymphocytes in cases of Traumatic Shock.” / M.Tsiklauri, L.Aladashvili, I.Taboridze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Co-chair speech: “The ideas of Tbilisi Third International Symposium should continue the work for establishment in life.” / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Adoption of the Resolution:

"Progress report of the critical care medicine institute's clinic in 2011." / Z. Kheladze, Zv. Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

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