The Georgian Academy of Medical Science

The Georgian Academy of Medical Science


The Georgian Academy of Medical Science (2015 year)

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The Georgian Academy of Medical Science The Georgian Academy of Medical Science was founded in 27.05.1994. The academy is non-government organization and it was first alternative forms academy former Soviet Union. The Academy consist of 64 members. To day 35 members is died. The members are elected by private election with direct blind method. The members are leaders in their specialty in Georgia and all of them work in University as full professors. In the academy there is department of Theoretical and Clinical medicine. The academy has a President, Vice - President and co-chairs of departments, who are selected by private election and make the counsel of academy. Academy publishes periodical magazine, conducts scientific sessions, also by supervision of academy every year there are international conferences and symposiums in which participate leading scientists in medicine from USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, Egypt, Israel and other countries. Current President is Ramaz Khetsuriani - Full Professor, head of department of Human Normal Anatomy of Tbilisi State Medical University, Vice-Presidents are Guram Tatishvili - full professor, Chairmen of Society of Surgery of Georgia by name of Ggrigol Muxadze and Zurab Kheladze - full professor, Director of Georgian Critical Care Medicine Institute, Head of department of Critical Care Medicine of Tbilisi State Medical University, President of Association of Catastrophe and Critical Care Medicine of Georgia, who is also contact person of academy in international relationship. The Chairmen of Theoretical medicine is Nodar Gogebasshvili - full Professor, Immunologist and chairman of clinical medicine is Revaz Gagua - Full professor, Oncologist. The members of academy are to support development of medical science in Georgia, to support preparation of yang medical doctors and professors. Also the academy tries to maintain to establish other countries achievements in medical service in Georgia. Also the academy makes popularization scientific achievements of Georgian medical doctors in medical science in other countries. It represents consulting-advisory organ in state services in order to develop medical service in Georgia. The academy tries to have tight contacts with medical centers and clinics in USA, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Egypt, Israel and r other countries. Nowadays in academy there are determining the plan of medical science in Georgia under 2016-2020. In addition, the academy works for developing countries in order to have progress in medical sciences to find optimal ways. The members of academy work in contemporary medicine and its actual problems, as “Health science education with limited recourses countries,” “Research for optimal algorithm during pulmonary cancer prevention and treatment with limited recourses country”, “Advocacy on antimicrobial resistance in Critical Care Medicine with limited recourses country”, “Leadership training workshops With limited recourses countries”, “New management systems for Global Disaster with limited recourses countries”, Exploring traditional medicine methods with orthodoxy religious praying and song in the treatment process of unconscious critical patients” and other problems. The activity of members of academy has international recognition. The academy ascertain the award of the first president of academy Zaal Kaxiani and and first Vice-president Givi Dumbadze,which founded the academy but are died. The academy has other non-monetary rewards in scientific-medical researches for individual and institution participants. Academy publishes "Georgian Medical news", In Georgian, Russian, and English language and "Critical Care and Catastrophe Medicine" in English and Georgian, language. The academy has exchange programmers with neighbor states Academy of medical science of Russia, Academy of medical science of Republic of Armenia and other medical organizations. The academy periodically conducts meeting of some actual problem of contemporary medicine. Also the members of academy read public lectures in different issues of medicine. The academy has connection with the magazines, with Television, radio and other Georgian media area. The members of academy periodically conduct receiving patients and treatment from different regions of Georgia by the way of charity. The academy is a participant of science and health education projects in The Tbilisi State University after I. Javakhishvili, Tbilisi State Medical University and other medical organizations. The academy has links with Georgian Industry and production sectors pharmacological production mountain production, chemical production and so on. The academy has contacts with Georgian Labor, Health and Social Effort Ministry and other government organization. In this case it represents a consultant, advisor in the viewpoint of optimal creation of health care organization. Academy members have connections Georgian Labor, Health and Social Efforts Ministry, World Federation of Critical and Intensive Care Medicine, European Society of Intensive Care medicine, Global Sepsis Allianz and others national and international organizations.

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