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Conceptual consideration instead of preface.

The History, Present Situation and Future Development of the Critical Care Medicine in Georgia / Z.Kheladze (Georgia)

The alternative way of life prolonging / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Georgia)

Nanotechnological approach in biological information transfer correction / M.Danielov (USA)

“The New Death” and “The New Life” / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Georgia)

"The sindrom of dissiminated intravascular coagulation" / G.Kiliptari (Gerogia)

The general direction of the management of vaso-vagal syncope / P.Djiane (France)

Problems of Prevention Sepsis and other Infection Complications with Interleikin-2 in Critical Patients / N.Kajaia, S.Makharashvili, T.Kajaia (Georgia)

Subconscious Management Problems in the Critical Care Medicine / Z.Kheladze, G.Bekaia, T.Kurtsikidze (Georgia)

Oxitrel tm – A new generation of antioxidants in Critical Mre Mdicine (antioxidant nanocomplex) / M.Danielov, A.Sepper (USA), Zv.Kheladze (Georgia)

TUR Syndrome: complication of transurethral resection of the prostate (TUR-P) / N.Fischer, H.Moettig (Germany)

The Technique of the Catheter Location Selection during the Epidural Anesthesia / K.Butskhrikidze (Georgia)

Treatment of Acute Intermittent Porphyria in the Critical Care Medicine Clinics / N.Marshania, M.Chikvaidze. E.Kartsivadze, N.Kervalishvili, L.Urushadze, L.Lobzhanidze, Ts.Charaishvili (Georgia)

“Problems of Sepsis in Critical Care Medicine Clinics” (Materials of National Conference) / K.Mumladze, A. Knishov (Georgia)

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