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Medicine, that needs to be treated itself / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Peculiarities of changes of  „Death factor“ in critical patients and experimental animals / Z.kheladze, N.Sidamonidze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Long - term results of treatment of critical  patients / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, N.Kajaia, T.Mazmishvili (Tbilisi, Georgia)

The impact of the manegment systems for the critical patients treatment results / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

The impact of the cost on treatment process and treatment results of the critical patients / Z.Kheladze, ZvKheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

“Mitochondria”, that is “observer” and takes out the energy in the universe / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Again about of E=mc2 and E=imc2 equation / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

In the own cell chromosome apparatus of human might be kept all universes information / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Prognostic potential of anthropophysiological diagnostics in identification oh hemodynamic predictors of critical state of cardiovascular system / G.SBelkaniya, L.RDilenyan, A.SBagrii, I.VGvinjilia, E.D.Matiashvili, S.VJaiani, L.G.Puchalska (Laboratory of medical expert systems "Anthropos Systems Lab.", Vinnitsa, Ukraine; Nizhny Novgorod Medical Academy, Russia; Health Center “Anthropos”, Tbilisi, Georgia; Academy of Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia; Institute of critical medicine, Tbilisi, Georgia; Ukraine; Medical University of Warsaw, Poland)

Studying of the prophylactic effect of anti death anatoxin / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Optimization aspects of postoperative septic peritonitis treatment among patients in  critical condition
(Tbilisi, Georgia. Saint - Petersburg, Russia) 

Participation of borealis antigens in a routine of death birt / Z.kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, N.Barnabishvili (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Evaluation of short and long term memories in personnel of Critical Care Medicine / Z.Kheladze, E.Bibiluri, G.Chkhartishvili (Tbilisi, Georgia)  

New data of the results of bone marrow electro stimulation in treatments of patients with critical health situation / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, N.Kadjaia, M.Gutashvili (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Electric - encephalographic changes by the influence of sound waves in unconscious critical patients / Z.kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, M.Metreveli, N.Kumaritashvili, M.Khvedelidze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Studying of a person types in critical care medicine personnel / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze, N.kajaia, N.Taboridze, S.Maxarasshvili, T.Kajaia (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Anti - death immunoglobulin treatment and prophylactic effect in experiment / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Removing the fear of the phenomenon of the efforts of the human mind / T.Kurtsikidze, Z.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Genetic and psychological basis of a frequent  usage of  the word “cool” in human speech / Z.Kheladze, Zv.Kheladze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Information about the feasibility of transplanting brain and spinal cord with a together complex / Z.Kheladze, T.Kerdzevadze, Zv.Kheladze, K.Kerdzevadze (Tbilisi, Georgia)

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